Merchandising refers to the final approach of the customer, namely, marketing includes several strategies to expose the products and are attractive between the bidder and the claimant, so that these strategies differentiate them from the direct competition and will allow them to sell effectively. The last part of this marketing, in-store strategies to make it easier for the applicant to purchase the product easily, is marketing.

It is not that the concept has changed, but that it has expanded and now has a different connotation. They are still the facilities for purchasing the product, but now it is used more than anything to define the offer of promotional items for an unusual audience. There are articles for fans and collectors of science, cinema, series, video games, superheroes, manga, anime, action figures, toys, assorted gifts, etc. In Spain, this trend is growing, according to so we offer a list of the best merchandising stores. A good example is, first of all, zavvi where you can find many interesting articles for enthusiasts.

The best merchandising stores

The 5 best merchandising stores you can find in Spain are:

Geek Stop, we’re all geeks

You Parade Geek, as one of the best merchandising stores and anime figure stores, offer you items for that geeky part that we all have. They have items to offer, where there is a variety of things for the house, clothes, keychains, cups, geek fashion, stationery, all related to movies, video games, and TV series. They have sections for moviegoers, series addicts, players, otakus, and superheroes. They have offers on their site and invite you to take a positive review on Google and receive a discount.

Akihabarna, anime, and manga figures

In Akihabarna you will find a real temple of manga and anime, with incredible figures to decorate your room or office. And you can find replicas of Dragon Ball, One Piece, Evangelion … and even other figures related to the world of video games, such as The Legend of Zelda or Megaman.

KanpekiSetto, your perfect collection

Manga and anime, clothing and accessories, collectibles, toys, gifts and decorations, games, storage and protection, adults/hentai, Marvel busts, video game vehicles, sweaters, backpacks, and stuffed animals. These are KanpekiSetto products, a store of anime figures, and other merchandising items. Its owners are collectors and guarantee 100{4902376b3e7f524e18739e84be606177528bb68a199ce4123cdc0b11042cc5bf} original products. Your shipments are completely free.

Beasy, the best merchandising items

Beasy is a store for anime figures and other branded products that was opened in 2016. They offer the best brands on the market: Kotobukiya, Funko, Hot Toys, SideshowCollector, NECA, JoyToys, Megahouse, GoodSmile Company, DiamondSelectToys, Figuarts Zero, Figma, Attakus, JakksPacific, and Master StarsPiece. They have numbers, merchandising, Japanese food, and various types of promotions called “stuff”, “food box”, and “geek box”.

Tokyoshop, Japanese import

Tokyoshop is a geek and importer gift shop specializing in the collection of manga and anime. They are located in Vila-real (Castellón), where they have a physical store and a warehouse. They have a variety of products, merchandising, figures and books. They provide import and distribution services for stores related to this manga and anime sector. To do this, you need to register on their website and they will check if you meet the requirements. Once checked, you will have wholesale prices and distribution channels.